Baby Yoga

Trained by Hands On Babies ® this 5 week baby yoga class is one of only a few classes that are accredited by the Royal College of Midwives.


The exact origins of baby yoga are not certain. Certainly it has been practised in India for hundreds of years, but it is not clear whether it began as a separate discipline to adult yoga or whether it originated from instinctive movements which mothers practiced with their babies from birth.


Baby yoga is an interactive routine that can help with many common ailments that baby may have including, wind, colic and constipation. Baby yoga also helps with balance, co-ordination and motor skills, stimulates the brain, aids bonding, builds trust and encourages social interaction. Baby yoga helps baby to develop physical confidence and spatial awareness, it also strengthens their spine, improves muscle condition and helps baby to remain flexible. It's a fantastic opportunity for mum or dad to spend time and have fun with their baby.

Top 5 reasons why babies are natural yoga students ( Yogis ) :

  • Like Yogis, babies prefer to breathe through their nose
  • Like yogis, babies are only concerned with the present moment
  • Like Yogis, babies love unconditionally
  • Like yogis, babies practice non violence
  • Like yogis, babies practice yoga postures naturally as part of their development
RCM Accredited